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I stirred apparatus rational design, selection, matching and effective demand reasonable grasp of technology, not only directly affect the energy-saving, low-carbon environment implementation effect, more directly related to the initial investment cost investment enterprises and late Operating Costs. Since the result of unreasonable design power is too large, a waste of resources phenomena big horse car, not in place of the process needs to grasp the result of the entire production line capacity can not meet the original design requirements of the phenomenon, the structural design of the device caused by

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DeVry Shi stirred philosophy is customer-centric, the scientific system formed around this center consists of three basic components: Our agitator technology, our products and our services stirrer.These basic ingredients complement each other to form a whole, so that we have the ability at any time with the moment for you to solve thorny problems mixer. We mixer excellent quality, strong technical support and good after sales service, more effectively protect the use of our products at home and abroad.



DeVry Shi stirred a variety of mixing device portfolio, providing a more optimized, more reliable, and more low process maintenance and operating costs of mixer devices. Can be applied to a power range of 0.12 ~ 500kW, stirring speed in the range of 0.01 ~ 3000r / min of various liquid - liquid (compatibility, dispersion), solid - liquid, gas - liquid or some combination of stirring operations, DeVry Shi stirring sincere cooperation offer you the following:
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